Baboon Toilet Junkies

Me mum just FWD’d me this hard case pic (no doubt doctored in Photoshop) of someone about to end their ablutions a bit earlier than they thought (there’s a Lion creeping up in the top-right corner)

Jesus, that’d do it all right. I was in almost the exact same position when we were traveling through Africa. I was on a jeep going across a big game park (the Mara I think), I had been suffering from the African two-step so got the truck to stop in some trees, ducked out, pulled me strides down and got on with the job. Next thing there’s this screeching and wailing ruckus coming roaring thru the grass towards me, stopped me efforts short and leaped on the truck just as a troop of interested Baboons came bounding out of the undergrowth. No doubt they had fun picking thru what I’d left behind.