Paige goes to the Pub – how quickly they grow up

People have said to us that we need to make the most of the time with our new baby early on coz they grow up so fast. But I don’t think we were quite expecting our little one to be going to the pub at 8-weeks. OK, so we were chaperoning, and she was only really drinking Milk and not a nice wintery stout or ale. But even so…

I’m also not sure why its taken so long to get around to posting something about our wee baby (Princess-Two as I call her, Kym demands to be called Princess-One of course), coz despite expecting to effectively be ending life as we knew it, its not like we haven’t had any spare time to write something.

So anyway. We’ve had our baby. Her name is Paige. Kym had some complications after the birth and ended up spending a few days in HDU, but all is well now and wee Paige hasnt looked back from that crazy instant she popped out into the big bad world.