Asia/Pacific repaints for the Simcheck Airbus A300

I’m a recent convert to the lovely Simcheck A300 Airbus model for Microsoft’s FSX simulator and I love it. The A300 was the first Airbus aircraft model and the first of any manufacturer to explore fly-by-wire technology. I really have a soft spot for the old 300 and this Simcheck model is fantastic.

I figuired I’d turn my hand to some repaints and thought why not do a few from the Asia/Pacific region (esp as I live in New Zealand). I’ve done three so far and all have been uploaded to but will hopefully be hosted at eventually if they think they’re ok. Do a search for the filenames I mention following.

First one was an Air Hong Kong freighter (rego B-LDD). It’s actually a 600-series so slightly fictional but its a cool livery so grabbed my attention. (filename:…
Air Hong Kong A300

Next up was a Qantas Pax 200 series (rego: VH-TAA) which was operated by Qantas after they inherited the TAA (Trans Austrailan Airlines) fleet following an acquisition in the 90′s. Were some interesting details on this one, the retro Kangaroo and QANTAS font, and added some freight door detailing which wasnt in the repaint kit, so was fun to do
Qantas A300

Finally tonight I finished an Air Macau A300-203F (rego: N504TA) using the cargo kit. Macau leased a 200 series from Tradewinds (a US based cargo carrier) in the 90′s, I’ve done two repaints, both with the Air Macau tail and fuselage livery but one with the original Tradewinds logo, the other with the hastily overlayed “Air Macau Cargo” details that the real-world machine wore briefly in 1995. Was an interesting repaint to do, had an additional outlet port of some sort on the engine casings, and trying to keep the look of the temporary overlays was a challenge (filename: A300-AirMacau-Simcheck)
Air Macau Cargo A300

I’m planning to carry on and do a few more real world repaints from this region (e.g. Air Niugini, Garuda, Malaysian etc) so will see how many I can crank out over christmas. And if I have time I may even get to fly the old bird :)