Scariest little Library in Texas

book-photoshop.jpgI’ve had a pretty good history of local library use, priding myself on the knowledge obtained at relatively less cost than sponsoring a local big-chain bookstore. However my book reading habit has involved paying my fair share of fines to the point where I feel I’m almost owed an annual rates rebate from the Council as compensation.

It was to avoid paying a fine that drove me to the delightful little public Library on Masters Ave in Hillcrest just now. Its your classic suburban library, friendly staff, small enough to get around without being too overwhelmed by choice. Not only was there a possibility of me paying a fine on the book I was returning, but the book itself was lent to me by a cobber whose account the fine would then have appeared on. Fortunately I just got in ahead of the deadline, and avoided the shame of having to apologise.

After returning the book I thought Id take a wee wander about the Library to inspect the shelves. Stopped at a random row, knelt down to see what was on the bottom shelf, looked in what I thought was a random location and the following book leaps out at me:

“Dark side of the Moon”

Had a flick through it, the mystique of the actual dark-side is something that interests me but it turned out the author was talking more about the dark side of the whole space-race of the 60′s. I returned the book and wandered off to another random spot. Same routine, no scanning, just eyeball a spot and grab the first thing I see:

“The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells – The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts”

Intriguing. Was a big heavy beast of a tome, had a flick through it for as long as I could muster the strength to hold the thing. Lots of interesting spells, potions and practices from all cultures and periods. This wasn’t a follow-up volume to the Harry Potter series, this is real witchcraft. Not really my thing, but fascinating none the less. Replaced the book, turned and moved to another spot in the library without consciously looking at shelf labels, stopped, chose another book:

“How to do everything with Photoshop CS”

Now this one seemed relatively innocuous judging by the spine. I’ve been dabbling with Photoshop recently so pulled it off the shelf, turned the book to face me and what do I see on the cover? A photoshopped picture of a couple of bloody Aliens, Grays nonetheless, standing under a spaceship.

Jesus, this was getting spooky. I launched the book back at the shelf, turned on my heels and scampered out the door as quickly as I could without raising the suspicion of the Library staff. That’s it, I’m handing in my library card.