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From 1990 to 2003 Kawasaki enjoyed plenty of Supersport 600 success in the AMA class. Scott Russell had a 2nd overall in 1990, Miguel Duhamel had an overall win in 1993, Thomas Stephens finished 2nd overall in 1996, as did Doug Chandler in 1998.

More recently Eric Bostrom had an overall win in 2001 and Tommy Hayden finished 2nd and 3rd in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

Here's the breakdown...

Tommy Hayden wins at Elkhart and Birmingham and finishes 3rd overall behind the Yamaka's of Jamie Hacking and Damon Buckmaster

Tommy Hayden wins at Fountain and Alton and finishes 2nd overall behind Aaron Yates (Suzuki)

Eric Bostrum wins at Braselton, Monterey and wins overall championship

Eric Bostrum wins at Braselton and Brainerd and finishes 2nd overall

Aaron Yates wins at Fountain and finishes 5th overall in a season dominated by Nicky (Honda) and Tommy Hayden (Yamaha)

Doug Chandler wins at Phoenix, Daytona, Monterey, Elkhart and Loudon but finishes 2nd overall behind Steve Crevier (Suzuki) ??? Eric Bostrom ??? finishes 3rd overall

no victories

Michael Smith wins at Monterey, Todd Harrington wins at Elkhart, Thomas Stephens wins at Sonoma and finishes 2nd overall and well behind Miguel Duhamel (CAN/Honda)

no victories. Miguel Duhamel (CAN/Honda) destroys all opposition during the season

no victories

Miguel Duhamel wins at Phoenix, Daytona, Charlotte, Elkhart, Brainerd, Lexington and Sonoma and takes overall season win convincingly.

no victories

no victories

Scott Russell wins at Brainerd, Loudon and Topeka and finishes 2nd overall to David Sadowski (Yamaha)

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