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The Isle of Man TT features a number of seperate class events with the Production, Formula One and Senior TT classes having the odd appearance of ZX7R's over the years. More recently the larger capacity twins and fours, and Kawasaki's own ZX9 (and in future the ZX10) have tended to be more likely to be ridden than the older 750 Kwaka.

The fastest lap times on a ZX7 at the IOM have been the 1997 Formula 1 lap of Simon Beck at 18m 27s (122.71mph), and Bob Jackson's 1998 Senior TT lap of 18m 27.4s (122.65 mph). A good few mph down on the David Jefferies lap of 17m 47s (127.29mph) he set on his GSXR/1000 Suzuki in the 2002 Senior TT.

The nineties onward havent been overly favourable to Kawasaki at the TT, some noteable results for ZXR's on the Island circuit in the last decade include...

2003 - 9th place of Mark Parrett (1:15.15 @ 120.33mph)

2000 - Carl Rennie finished 8th on a ZXR (1:57:55 @ 115.18) in the 6-lap Formula 1 event, won by Joey Dunlop (Honda VTR SP-1, 1:52:15 @ 120.99mph). Gordon Blackley and Jim Hodson were 9th and 10th respectively on ZX9R Kawasakis in the Production TT. In the 6-lap Senior TT Blair Degerholm took 7th (1:55:47 @ 117.30mph) and Rennie 8th (1:57:15 @ 115.83mph). Senior winner that year was David Jefferies (R1 Yamaha 1:51:22 @ 121.95mph).

1999 Nick Jefferies was 9th in the 4-lap Forumal 1 leadup race (1:17:23 @ 117.00) which was won by David Jefferies. Gordon Blackley was best placed at 5th in the 3-lap Production TT on a ZX9R (58:05 @ 116.92mph). Nick Jefferies was also best placed Kawasaki rider at 9th in the 6-lap Senior TT (1:55:18 @ 117.80mph) which was won by David Jefferies (R1 Yamaha 1:51:59 @ 121.27mph).

1998 - Simon Beck had a 4th on a Kawasaki (1:16:36 @ 117.82mph) in the 4-lap Formula 1 event, won by Ian Simpson (Honda, 1:16:15 @ 118.74mph). Kawasaki rider Nigel Davies had a 2nd in the 3-lap Production TT (57:27 @ 118.19mph) 30secs behind winner Jim Moodie (Honda, 56:58 @ 119.19mph). In the Senior event Bob Jackson had a 2nd on a Kawasaki (1:53:26 @ 119.72mph) behind winner Ian Simpson (Honda, 1:53:23 @ 119.79mph). Beck retired during the Senior race.

1997 - Bob Jackson was best placed Kawasaki (1:55:03 @ 118.05mph) in 3rd in the 6-lap Formula 1 event, won by Phillip McCallenNew Page (RC45 Honda, 1:53:16 @ 119.90mph). Jackson was also best placed Kawasaki at 4th in the 6-lap Senior TT (1:54:50 @ 118.27mph) with Simon Beck 5th riding a Peachurst Kawasaki machine and winner McCallenNew Page again (Honda, 1:53:36 @ 119.55mph)

1996 - Bob Jackson on a Mc'Adoo Kawasaki bike finished 4th in 1996 lapping at 118.29 and 6th in '95 at 116.00

Kawasaki works teams actually had better success in the 70's and 80's on the Island in 125cc, 250cc and 500cc GP events with the likes of Kawasaki Legends Dave Simmonds and Mick Grant at the controls.


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