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Riding a ZXR-7 he finished 4th in the Suzuka 8-hour race in 1991 paired up with Ryuji Tsurata. On the ZXR-7 again in 1993 Keiichi came second in the All Japan F1 championship behind winner and fellow Kawasaki rider Shoichi Tsukamoto.

And in 1994 he went on to win the opening round of the all Japan road racing championship onboard a ZXR50R.

In 1997 Keiichi finished 9th in the All Japan Road race series racing a GSX-R750 for Luckystrike Suzuki.

Early in 1998 he entered as a wild-card on a ZXR750R Japanese factory machine and won the first World Superbikes race at Sugo in Japan.

During the rest of the '98 season he signed for Suzuki racing a works GSX-R750 in the Japanese Superbike series and in the companies Moto GP team.


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