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A collections of things reccommended on other sites that are actually worth doing to a stock ZX7R...

Engine and Drive

  • Air Filter (K&N part no.s: KA0016, KA7596) will add around 2bhp and a couple of lbs./ft more torque
  • Carb Kit - needle kits avail from K&N, DynoJetNew Page, or Factory Pro, may require $$ tuning work, minimal gains, useful to correct lean running after other mods
  • Flatside Carbs - change in throttle response, the RR has them standard, you lose choke with them tho
  • Dyno and Tune - to refine setup change of new air filter, needles and/or exhaust
  • ZX9 powerplant - this is getting a little extreme, but there are folks who Supply Kits to enable fitting earlier ZX9 engines inside ZX7 frames. See the Sky Dork and Sigvart conversion pages.
  • Sprocket Ratios - dropping a tooth on the front and/or adding 1-3 on the back will improve acceleration at the usual cost of top speed. I've just switched to a 15 on the front which made a noticable difference to acceleration (lost about 20kph off top)

Moving Bits

  • Rear Shock - stock one is fully adjustable but an Ohlins, Penske or White Power model will be much better spec. Std rear ride-height needs lifting 10-20mm to reduce rear-bias and improve steering responsivness
  • Front Forks - stock items quite good enough but oil replacement can make dramatic improvement to level of feedback
  • Lightweight Rims - Ok on the track but expensive and not really reccomended for NZs bumpy roads, lest they explode. Stock items pretty durable.
  • Tires - pretty much any sports-road compound new tire from a well known brand will do the trick (I'm run a couple of sets of Dunlop D208's which were great, and recently fitted Michelen Sport-Powers)
  • Steering Damper - not really required for regular riding as the ZX7R front-end is very stable

Other Stuff

  • Fairings - the stock plastic fairings are pretty weighty and a spanky set of Carbon replacements would be nice, but could be looking at $1000nz for a set. Air Tech supply single/race seats, fairings and air-boxes.
  • End Cans - the stock cans weight a ton, aftermarket End Cans could save 4-8kgs, downpipes/manifold quite well setup as stock so full-system definately overkill
  • Hugger - the ZX7 has a good standard shock, but it likes to be kept clean

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