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Friday, 16 January 2004
Bring on the Kwaka
Kawasaki ZX-6R

The bike-test saga continued this afternoon when I took off early from work (late night working last night) and blasted out to Hamilton Motocycles to take their demo Kawasaki ZX-6R out for a test.

What a friggin excellent machine !!!

It kicked the ass of the Yamaha R6 I rode last week in pretty much every area as far as I was concerned. The low and mid-range power was more considerable (there actually was some torque below 9,000rpm beleive it or not) and you could even do something resembling a top-gear roll-on (from 100kms it pulled quite nicely without having to panic to change down)

The brakes were amazing, strong and weirdly linear, no squeeze it and hope stuff, just good even braking. The bike felt a little lighter than the R6, especially when opening up while leaving a corner, I guess it was the weight coming off the front wheel a little, kinda felt a little flighty (in an exciting sorta way)

The riding position felt a little more tipped FWD but I felt better attached to the machine than I was on the Yamaha, more integrated with it. Knees were a little closer to the tank-cutaway and felt more secure when leaning off the side of the bike.

So I guess the $64,000 question is ....  will I be buying it?

Unfortunately for Hammy-bikes, the answer is No.  Although it was a fantastic bike to ride, and would be a total thrill to fling around a track or through the twisties, you get the impression that its built soley for thrashing, coz that's the only time it feels exciting. Like the R6 its not that much of a thrill when just out for a cruise.

When you compare the torque curves of the 600's the Kawasaki looks most promising, so I dont think I'll bother riding the others. I've pretty much convinced myself now, I'm looking for a big-twin, the (small-capacity) four-cylinder thing just aint for me.

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