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Motorbike Dyno Charts

Choose up to two bikes from the following lists and click "Dyno It" to view their power curves side by side. I've tried to ensure that the data feeding these graphs is from SAE corrected rear-wheel measured dyno samples. More notes follow, please read-em...

Bike 1:     Bike 2:
Dyno Chart


Dyno runs typically gather all sorts of environmental data (local barometric pressure, air-intake temperature etc) and specific details about bike configuration (engine age, tire types, gear ratios, fuel used) but I've tried to source data for the charts you'll see above from charts of stock machines in typical configurations (ie no slip-on mufflers or PowerComanders in sight)

Most of the bikes in the lists above are machines that I've taken an interest in personally, don't be offended if yours isnt included, just email me a reference to an online dyno for your bike and I'll add the data to the list.

Eventually I'll add Torque curves when I have some data-entry time.