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Here's a bunch of repaints and panels I've created over the last couple of years for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some of these are for FS9/2004, some for FSX, and some will work on both, it all depends on the aircraft model they're for. The first group are paints of actual flyable models, the second are of AI aircraft that are used to populate the skies with computer controlled aircraft.

see: Flyable repaints | AI repaints | Panels

Flyable Aircraft

ZK-FML: Piper Tomahawk PA-38

Repaint for the Alabeo FSX payware model of Piper PA38 Tomahawk ZK-FML as operated real-world in New Zealand. ZK-FML is currently registered to an owner in Blenheim in the South Island, and at one point was apparently leased to Wellington Aero Club as a trainer - download

ZK-NEQ: Air Nelson Dash8 Q300

Repaint of the Bombardier/DeHavilland Dash8 Q300 ZK-NEQ as operated real-world by Air Nelson (a subsidiary of Air New Zealand) for the Premier Aircraft Design (PAD) freeware model in FSX. ZK-NEQ was the first aircraft in the Air Nelson fleet to get the new white and black makeover. There are currently 23 Dash8s in the Air Nelson fleet which are used on domestic routes up and down the country - download

CLS MD80: Air NZ Black Fern

Repaint of the payware CLS McDonnell Douglas MD81/82 in the new Air New Zealand livery featuring the white Fern and Koru over a black tail section. Air NZ did not operate this aircraft so the repaint is fictional - download

EI-CER: Avianca MD83

Repaint of the payware CLS McDonnell Douglas MD81/82 in real world livery of Avianca for MD83 EI-CER. This livery was used in 2005-2006 as part of the Alianza Summa branding for the airline. The aircraft was repainted in 2007 in the later Red Avianca style. There were a few variations of the livery for the MD83 fleet in 2005 and I have included some alternate textures to support pilot preference - download

HL7272: Korean MD81

Repaint of the payware CLS McDonnell Douglas MD81/82 in real world Korean Air livery for MD82 HL7272 as operated by the airline from 1985 onwards - download

CLS MD80: Air NZ Pacific Wave

Repaint of the payware CLS McDonnell Douglas MD81 in a typical contemporary livery that Air New Zealand aircraft are painted in, known as the "Pacific Wave". Air New Zealand did not operate this aircraft so the repaint is fictional - download


Repaint of the payware CLS McDonnell Douglas MD81 in a typical 1980s period livery that Air New Zealand aircraft were painted in. Air New Zealand did not operate this aircraft so the repaint is fictional - download

ZK-EAG: Eagle Air B1900D

Repaint of the B1900D Raytheon/Beechcraft ZK-EAG as operated real-world by Eagle Airways (a subsidiary of Air New Zealand) for the PMDG payware model in FS2004 or FSX. ZK-EAG is the latest aircraft in the airline fleet to get an all-black makeover and the first of three B1900Ds to be painted in this way. In 2011 the airline painted one of its domestic A320s in the same style and has since painted a new 777-300 aircraft likewise - download

ZK-NGD: Air New Zealand 737-300

Repaint for the recently released Wilco/feelthere 737-300 v2 Evo of ZK-NDG as operated by Air New Zealand. Have done two versions one with the PacificWave and one without. - download

N504TA: Air Macau A300-203F

Repaint for the Simcheck (Aerosoft) A300 of the Air Macau (operated by TradeWinds) A300-203F N504TA. The logos might look a little out of place but thats coz the real world aircraft had transfers slapped over top of the underlying logos which is why you might see the boxy surround on the "Air Macau Cargo" text, I tried to make it look like the original. - download

VH-TAA: Qantas A300

Repaint for the Simcheck FSX A300 of real-world VH-TAA "James Cook", the first A300 delivered to TAA (Trans Australia Airlines) back in 1981 and served with Qantas subsequently after the acquisition. This is the old Qantas livery as it operated with for the carrier until 1993. - download

B-LDD: Air Hong Kong A300F4-605R

A repaint of Air Hong Kong's A300F4-605R B-LDD for the Simcheck (Aerosoft) A300B4 model (FSX) Made with the Simcheck cargo repaint kit. - download

G-OOOU: Kiwi Travel International Airlines Boeing 757-200

Real world repaint of the QualityWings 757-200 in the livery of the aircraft G-OOOU as operated by Kiwi Travel International Airlines when on lease briefly from Air2000 in 1995 - download

ZK-NQC: AirWork CourierPost 737-204

Real world repaint of the TinmouseII 737-200 in the livery of AirWork aircraft ZK-NQC as based at Auckland Airport, New Zealand. This Quick-Change (QC) model 732 was originally purchased new by Air New Zealand in 1982, spent time with subsidiary FreedomAir then since 2001 has been operated by Airwork NZ ltd based in Auckland NZ performing cargo and charter operations. - download

ZK-MSL : Air Napier Piper Seneca PA-34

Real world repaint Contained in this archive is a repaint of the Carenado Piper Seneca PA-34 model for ZK-MSL as operated by Air Napier in New Zealand. Air Napier Ltd, an Air Charter company, has been operating since 1987. The company operates two twin-engine Piper Seneca II aircraft and a twin engine Navajo, as well as a single engine Piper Cherokee Six, a C172 and three C152. - download

N869HH :Janet Air Boeing 737-500

Fictional repaint of the payware Wilco B737-500 for FS9 and FSX in the livery of the Janet Boeing aircraft N869HH as based in the real world at the Janet terminal at McCarran Airport. Defense contractor EG&G operate a fleet of six 737-600's as of April 2011 so this is the nearest matching Wilco model. Painted using the Wilco repaint kit. - download

N792AX : ABX Air 767-300

ABX Air Cargo 25th Anniversary 767-300. Fictional repaint of the Level D Simulations Boeing 763 in the livery of ABX Air Cargo (formerly Airborne Express) 25 year anniversary painted N792AX. The real world aircraft is actually a B762. Painted using the LDS repaint kit. - download

ZK-HPT : Hughes 500

Repaint of Richard rady's H500C in the livery of ZK-HPT as operated by Lakeland helicopters of Murupara, NZ. This 500C (ZK-HBP) operated out of the Lakeland Helicopters base in Murupara near Rototua in the North Island of New Zealand until 1989 when it was removed from the register and scrapped after a forced landing (aka crash, no fatalities fortunately) - download

OO-TNF : Boeing 737-300

Repaint for B737-300QC OO-TNF as operated by TNT Airways. The QC stands for QuickChange which reflects the way the aircraft can be quickly reconfigured between freight or passenger duties. You must own a licensed copy of the FeelThere/Wilco PIC FS2004 model of the B733 to use these textures - download

ZK-FXE : Britten Norman Islander

Repaint for Britten Norman Islander ZK-ZXE as operated by Stewart Island Flights based in Invercargill New Zealand. A repaint of the excellent freeware FS2004 model of the BN-2A by Marcel Kuhnt - download

ZK-KFB : Gulfstream IV

Supposedly owned by Peter Jackson, and operated on his behalf by Air National in New Zealand. Here's a repaint I've done of it in its old livery with the man posing on the tarmac at Wellington Airport. Peter has since upgraded to the latest Gulfstream

ZK-MIF : Cessna 206G

Repaint of the Carenado Cessna U206G ZK-MIF as operated by Wanaka Sightseeing in New Zealand. There are many variations of the 206 operating in New Zealand and as of June 2009 there are 18 of this specific type on the CAA register. You must own a copy of the Carenado payware aircraft to use this repaint.

ZK-OJA : Airbus A320

Repaint of the Phoenix Simulation Software payware A320 in the Air New Zealand Livery. The PSS model is based on an earlier FS2002 release so sure its showing its age a little now, but the price is pretty good. As of March 2009 Air New Zealand own 5 Airbus A320-232s and lease a number of others, with all commited to trans-tasman flights between New Zealand and Australia. Zeal320 operates Air New Zealand's trans-Tasman fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft under the Air New Zealand brand - download

ZK-HBS : Hughes 500

This 500C (ZK-HBS) aka Helipro 16, operates out of the HeliPro Rotorua base in the North Island of New Zealand. It does scenic flights mostly but also Lodge charters, it is a back country fly fishing favorite, also conducts photography and the odd lifting job including fire bucket work - download

ZK-WKF : Alpha 2160

This is ZK-WKF an Alpha-2160 built in Hamilton for the Waikato Aero Club. Alpha Aviation have since gone into liquidation which is a shame but as far as I know this aircraft is still used by the club. The aircraft itself is a variation of the original French designed Robin HR200 which is what this repaint is based on for the simulator. You can see a pic of the real-world aircraft here - download

ZK-SFG : Diamond DA20

The Diamond DA20 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation aircraft designed for flight training. This repaint is based on the Diamond DA20-C1 Evolution Panel, Sound & Aircraft Package for FS2004 from Premier Aircraft Design including an Interactive VC with Gauges. This particular repaint is of one of the aircraft operated by CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Limited in Hamilton - download

ZK-INZ : MD500

A repaint of the original Nemeth brothers MD500-E model for ZK-INZ as operated by Amalgamated Helicopters in the Wairarapa. You can download the original model and this repaint from HoverControl. The following screenshot is of the machine parked up at Masterton airport - download

N800DT : Cessna CitationI

Cessna CitationJet 1 N800DT as operated by National Business Review (based at Ardmore). The model is actually a Citation-II by Dee Waldron so I blanked out one of the windows, the tail section is different but close as we can get without a Citation-I base model (filename:

ZK-TBM : Cessna Citation-III

Cessna CitationJet 3 ZK-TBM as operated by Air National (based in Auckland). The model is actually a Citation-II by Dee Waldron so I added an extra window, the tail section is different but close as we can get without a Citation-III base model (filename:

ZK-HZQ : Bell 222

This is my first attempt at doing a repaint of a real-world aircraft for the flightsim. The chopper is a Bell 222 as flown by the service based at our local Waikato Hospital (and flown by a cobber of my Father). The repaint was done w PhotoshopEssentials and is a bit rough round the edges mostly due to my inexperience but also coz some of the texture file components are replicated over the model in places which means I couldn't quite get some of the details right. It was a fun experience and the actual sim model by Alan Devin is nice to fly.

AI Aircraft

These are AI only aircraft and require flight plan files to be used in the simulator. They dont include sound files or panels and wont generally appear in the list of flyable aircraft in your sim. These were painted for the NZ AI BizJets project


N146EX Dassault Falcon 900EX as operated by Sleepyhead (Auckland), repaint based on the model by PAI (filename:


ZK-RGB Gulfstream G200 158 (ex N658GA) as operated by Air National (Auckland). Repaint is based on the HTAI Gulfstream IVSP (filename: as there is currently no AI model avail for a G200


IAI Westwind II ZK-RML (ex N90KC) as operated by Air National (Auckland). Model by Henry Tomkiewicz (filename: which is also distributed with VOZ AI pack if you have that already


Following are a couple of panels I've created for use with flyable aircraft as an improvement for or more realistic layout of the panel provided with the base aircraft.

Transavia PL12 AirTruk panel

FSX 2D Panel For The Transavia PL12 AirTruk. This panel is based on photographs of real AirTruk aircraft cockpits and can be used as a 2D panel in conjunction with any AirTruk model. Gauges are all default FSX but chosen to represent the style of those found in the aircraft. The Transavia PL-12 Airtruk is a single-engine agricultural biplane aircraft designed and built by the Transavia Corporation in Australia - download

Robin HR 200 panel

A 2D panel for the Robin HR200/Alpha 2160 aircraft, based on the real world panel configuration of an Alpha-2160 (ZK-WKF). Requires the Mike Stone aircraft (SHR200.ZIP) and the aircraft repaint (ZK-WKF.ZIP) - download