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Wednesday, 11 June 2003
Come Fly with 'Dodgy-Air' (link)
DC-3 Dakota

I've decided to thrown in the day-job, jump in a kitted-out freight-plane and fly right around the world at my leisure landing where I please and not bothering to take my passport.

I'm looking for crew and company and may invite some vagrant friends along if they're interested. Together we'll meander round the globe, trading illicit goods between dodgy nations to fund the adventure.

It's taken awhile to decide which aircraft to take, but at this stage I'm thinking about the DC3/C-47 Dakota partly coz its nice and low-tech. Plus, performance cruise-speed-wise isn't an issue. There's just no rush, we've got plenty of time.

We'll need a crate that can make it across the tasman for a start, we'll probably wander out through the pacific Islands for awhile, on through SE and central Asia, west through to the mid-east, up to Europe and across to the Americas.

Kym has been of no use whatsoever during these early stages of logistics planning. She seens to not give a flying-shit about the route, what I intend to fly, how great the panel controls look or behave etc.

By now you probably think I'm losing the plot. Kym would agree. Truth is, I probably wont chuck in my job, though if I did I'd probably make the journey round the planet in better time. And I'm actually not flying real-time as such.

I'll actually be flying in my flight-sim seated comfortably in my office at home during the journey. Drinking and eating what and when I please, sleeping when I feel like it, and not worrying about air-sickness, fuel bills, or weather.

Bon Voyage !!!

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