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Monday, 11 August 2003
Reality Bike vs Fantasy (link)
Fantasy Bike

For awhile now I've been thinkin of gettin meself a bigger bike and over the the last few months I've been deliberating trading up during winter vs waiting till summer.

Winter being a not-so-hot time to sell and ride, but good time to buy. vs summer which may be a better time to sell and ride, and ok time to buy. The the big problem is having to wait .... another ... four .... months.. till summer.

Following the relentless pressure from my next-motorbike-page-fan-club out there in interweb-land (yes, you know who you are .... both of you) I've added a Fantasy Bikes page with a collection of bikes I realistically would go and buy if money were less of an object.

11:54:06 PM  
Boreli Airways in Chile

Boreli Airways in Chile - thanx for all those telegrams congratulating me and my fledgling airline on making our 1st crossing of the Pacific. Oh wait a minute, I didnt get any telegrams.... What do you mean you didnt know I was in Chile? ....

Well I am....Virtually... took me about a week, flew to Norfolk Island, up to New Caledonia, across to Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Rarorotonga, Tahiti, dropped in for some radiation-therapy at Mururoa Attol, then on to Easter Island and finally through to Santiago in Chile.

So far I havent really had any paying passengers so profit margin is a little light, and I've had some staffing issues. My 1st-officer thinks he's a cat and buggars off without-leave at the drop of a chicken-neck, and Kym my stewardess, keeps trying to tell me that its all in my head, and that this flying thing isnt real.

Never mind, no time for complaints. Gotta organise a lease on a C130 for my next flight. I'm heading south to Antarctica to hunt some seals ... hoorah !!!!!

11:48:11 PM  
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