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Tuesday, 17 October 2006
Toilet Time - one of Lifes little pleasures

When I first left school and started work I used to look forward to getting into the office at a reasonable time so I could saunter down the corridor for a nice long session with my friend the Toilet.

We'd hang out together for the first 20mins of the day, sharing a comic or newspaper, maybe playing a handheld video-game or break out the travel-chess board. Other "busy" folks would come and go in adjacent stalls but me and Toily would chuckle to ourselves then happily wallow on in our friendly little cloud of aromatic air-born particles.

The beautiful thing was that there was no rush to this morning ritual, it was a calming, peaceful, rewarding exercise that set the scene for the rest of the days labors.

Roll forward 10 or 15 years however and its dawned on me recently that I have become one of those in-and-out people I used to mock. Ablutions have become a hurried task rather than a pleasure. It seems I'm out of the stall before you can say twin-ply-rollex.

What the hell has happened? Has this modern life really become so rushed and complicated that we blindly deny ourselves simple pleasures without consideration?

I say its high time (so to speak) that we take back our right to leasurely bathroom breaks, dont give in to employers draconian demands that visitations be done on your own time or to some artificial schedule. Speak to your union rep if your worried.

Its time to Take back the Toilet !!!

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