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Saturday, 18 November 2006
And the big day hath gone-eth
As of 18th November Kym and I are now officially Mr and Mrs Stringer.

To cut a long story short, we had a fantastic day. Thor, Jupiter, Zeus and Indra all did their best to put a damper on things earlier in the morning but by action-time it was relatively clear and it stayed that way for the rest of the day

I'm not often accused of being a stress-merchant but I have to admit to being a little bit on the freaked-up side on the morning of the event. Ever the traditionalist Kym had stayed the night at her mums, and the cat wasn't really helping any, so by the time the lads turned up for a quick beer and photo shoot I was starting to get a little rattled.

Things seemed to lax out a bit with company but then we ended up running late getting to the venue (despite having a driver trained in high-speed pursuits), fortunately thought we managed to burst up the hill out of sight of the approaching limo and had time to catch our breath before her Ladyship (and team) arrived on the scene.

Kym looked awesome. She's very appearance-concious at the best of times so I can only imagine the horrors poor Dennis had to put up with round at his place while the girls were getting ready in the morning. She seemed more nervous that I was, mind you I cant really blame her for worrying about spending a lifetime putting up with me.

The ceremony, reception, dinner and booze-up all seemed to go swimmingly. No point in thanking any individuals coz that was done on the day, and in the speeches (which were hilarious), suffice it to say it was a great day that was bizarrely over in a jiffy.

8:15:04 AM  
The big day hath cometh

Well this is it. The big day hath cometh.

Kym and I are tying the knot this afternoon down at Hamilton gardens. Everything is as organised as its ever gonna be, I've ticked the last to-do items off my list, shoes are polished, speeched rehearsed, and the boys are on their way round to provide moral support, assist with hair sculpting and transport to the venue.

Cock and Vike emailed me some pearls of wisdom this morning, Dave said:

remember not to eat anything that will make you excessively flatulent.

and Matt volunteered...

put yourself at ease with a session in san andreas.  blow some fuckers away.

Both sensible lads, and the sort of valuable advice I would expect from them on a day like this.

12:44:34 PM  

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