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If you have any good questions about Wiki, that aren't answered on this web site, go ahead and ask them here. If you have some answers to questions listed, or not, go ahead and edit this page to add them to the following list

Also, feel free to answer any questions you see here, or add to the answers. Where convenient, use Wiki References and URLs in your answers. If you have a feature suggestion why not add it to the SuggestedFeaturesNew Page page.

General Wiki Questions

Q - How do I bold, emphasise, create lists, headings, tables links etc etc...?
A - Have a read of the Wiki Text Formatting Rules to find out how

Q - Who's allowed to edit this Wiki
A - One of the core principles of Wiki is that anyone should be able to edit the content, its public domain if you like. This particular Wiki allows anyone to read the content but you must be logged in as a Waikato user to actually edit the content.

Q - Whats to stop me just wiping all the Wiki content?
A - Nothing really, but you need to login as a Waikato user and we'll have your name logged against the changes. Vandalism is definately one of the WikiIssuesNew Page, however its supposed to be a community site/resource so hopefully the odd tape restore should get around it.

Q - Why doesn't Wiki do HTML?
A - This Wiki does support HTML, but many Wiki systems dont. Its a question often asked by people new to Wiki, see [1]

Q - Who 'Owns' each page?
A - The answer really is .. anyone and everyone. You can create a new page at any time, and edit your pages and anyone elses at any time. This is part of the Wiki Philosophy

Q - How do I know who edited a given page last?
A - Check the username listed in the footer, or browse the Changes page

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