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A Wiki Web is a collaborative web site that can be edited by anyone. Wikis are great for building up a wealth of information about a subject by pooling the substantial resources in the community. A Wiki can be used to help generate new ideas or document existing ones.


Most people will start off by browsing this web first before going ahead and making changes to it. This is always a good idea because it lets you absorb the "spirit" of the web so that your future contributions will fit neatly into the whole. Here are some browsing tips:


Just because anyone can edit a page doesn't mean to say that anyone should edit a page. First of all you should review the following points:

Have a Go ?

If you've made it this far then you really must have a go. Why not have a play in the Wiki Sandbox, doesnt matter what it is, and noone else will care. Go On !!! you know you want to :-)

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