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The Waikato (1874-1888)

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The Waikato was the Iron hulled sailing ship that my Great-Great-Grand Father and family travelled on during their emmigration to New Zealand in 1874. The Waikato made some 12 outward voyages to NZ taking around 100 days each.

The journey my family took left Plymouth on 24th of March was piloted by Captain Chris Hodder and Arrived in Wellington on the 11th of July some 109 days later.

Waikato in Port Chalmers Dry Dock

Iron Ship, reduced to Barque in 1896 and to Barquentine in 1909. Tonnage: 1,053 gross. Dimensions: 210.5 x 34.1 x 19.2 feet. Passengers: 320 emigrants. 19.1.1874: Launched by J. Blumer & Co., Sunderland, at a cost of 14,000.

First registered at London on 18.2.1874. 7.1888 Sold out of the fleet. 20.11. 1913 Foundered on the 20/Nov/1918 2 miles from White Rocks, near Sechelt, B.C., in tow from Union Bay to Vancouver with coal.

The Waikato, a well-found ship of 1021 tons, flying the New Zealand Shipping Co.'s flag, was a real clipper and completed many fast voyages out and home. Of twelve passages outwards only three exceeded 100 days. Captain Worster made a fine run to lyttelton in 1877. The Waikato made the passage from Plymouth in 82 days, and 78 land to land. When steamers took the place of many sailing vessels the Waikato was sold to the Germans and renamed Pfluger. Subsequently she fell into the hands of J D Spreckles and Son, of San Francisco, in a partly dismasted condition. This was in 1900, when she was rigged as a barquentine, and given the name Coronado. She was sold to the Canadian Pacific Coal Co., and used by them as a towing barge.

o White Wings - Sir Henry Brett ( Source )

Other Journeys to NZ by the Waikato

Arv. Wellington: 11 Jul 1874

Captain Chris Hodder. The journey my family took, departed Plymouth on 24th March, taking 109 days. Sailed on to Auckland arriving 17 August with 105 passengers.

Arv. Lyttelton: 3 Oct 1875

Captain Rose, departed 27th June taking 98 days.

Arv. Wellington: 4 Sep 1876

Captain Worster, departed UK on 6th June taking 90 days.

Arv. Lyttelton: 08 Aug 1877

Captain Worster, departed Plymouth on 05th May taking 82 days.

Arv. Lyttelton: 27 Apr 1878

Captain Worster, departed London, 15 Saloon class passengers, 28 second cabin and steerage. reported by the Lyttelton Times

Arrived - Last night, Saturday night, the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship Waikato,from London, 92 days from the Downs; she experienced heavy very weather during the greater part of the voyage. The Snares were made Wednesday. The Waikato brings 40 passengers and a large cargo. On going on board, the Waikato was found to be in splendid order everywhere. Water found is way aboard rendering to necessary to barricade the main hatchway poop. The saloon was flooded out. No spars were carried away during the bad weather. The Waikato has brought 44 passengers, 15 of who were saloon and remainder second and steerage. Mr Howard Rees was the medical officer. Mr Best still occupies the post of chief officer and the remainder of the officers are the same as when the Waikato was here last. - reported by the Timaru Herald

Arv. Lyttelton: 18 Jan 1879

Captain Worster, departed London and Plymouth. New Zealand Shipping Company agents. She had left Plymouth on October 21. Passengers: 298 immigrants. - reported by the Lyttelton Times, January 20, 1879

Arv. Auckland: 13 Nov 1879

Captain Worster, departed 7th August taking 99 days.

Arv. Auckland: 3 Oct 1880

Captain Worster, departed 26th Jun, taking 98 days

Arv. Port Chalmers: 2 Oct 1881

Captain Worster, departed 1st July, taking 93 days.

Arv. Port Chalmers: 28 Oct 1882

Captain Sutherland, departed 15th July, taking 105 days

Arv. Auckland: 14 Oct 1884

Captain Sutherland, departed 28th Jun, taking 108 days

Arv. Auckland: 26 Nov 1887

Captain Brown, departed 24th August, taking 94 days

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