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The perl source for Dolphin Wiki Web is being made available under the following terms.

The Perl source for Spinner Wiki is made available inder the same terms.

Also, you might like to add a reference to your site on the Dolphin DolphinWiki:OtherWikiSites page. If you decide to improve the software then the people at Object Arts would like to know about the changes, in case they might be able to propagate them back into the original.

Also, if your changes are against Spinner Wiki, please consider submitting patches to SourceForgeProjectNew Page:spinner-wiki. I hope the DolphinWiki:DolphinWikiWeb people will also visit our site, and take whichever patches or new features they want.

Getting DolphinWikiWeb

You can download a ZIP containing the software here[2]. As you might expect there is no documentation but you should find installation fairly straightforward. Once you get up and running you might like to add any helpful comments to DolphinWiki:InstallingDolphinWikiWeb so others can benefit from your experience in future.

Source code for Spinner Wiki can be found at UploadedFilesNew Page:spinner-wiki-20020615.tar.gz.