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Wednesday, 28 May 2003
Ride the Devil (link)
Ducati 886 Front

Oh my God ... what a beast !!! Thankfully I managed to stay on-board Jamies duke and keep the thing on two wheels for the blast we've just been on out to Matangi and back with him following (in the distance) on my 600SS.

I guess I didn't really know what to expect, so here's the naive e-git's run-down.

Firstly, it sounds like a bloody roaring dragon. I was sitting on it when I started it which was fortunate coz I might have never got on if it'd been running allready :-). 1st gear is pretty long so you have to ride-the-clutch a little to get rolling without stalling, and once you're moving the thing just leaps away.

The throttle is hyper-sensitive, any tiny movement results in healthy forward thrust. The whole time I was riding it felt like I was only using about a quarter throttle at any time, which was plenty enough to send me the wrong side of the speed-limit. (not by far of course :-)

The riding position is pretty extreme, you're leaning well-forward, right-over the front wheel. This put a lot of pressure on my weak office wrists, but I'm sure its something you could get over (with some physio-therapy).

Jamie offered the ride so I could see what the geometry of the newer 4-valve Dukes was like as I'm kinda considering buying a 748 . Realistically I think I'll end up buying something a little more sedate though, something easier to commute on like one of these machines.

Thanx Jamie !!  That was Wicked !!

1:12:21 PM  
Thunder down Under (link)

Thunder down Under - I've just heard my call to arms, Jamie has fired up his bike to go and refuel and warm it up so I can take it out for a ride to see what its like to pilot a real bike. Back in an hour (hopefully :-)

12:05:24 PM  

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