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Sunday, 12 September 2004
Air Contract Cargo Lives !!! (link)

After a couple of months delay it seems that Air Contract Cargo is back in action. I've just flown the leg from Darwin in Australia to Wolter Monginsidi airport on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, delivering a couple of tons of industrial mining tools and supplies.

The delay in Oz was caused by my uncermonious ditching of my trusty old Convair-580 crate on approach to Darwin airport back in June. Took awhile to get the old girl repaired so I took a couple of months off and went walkabout.

But its back to business now finally. As luck would have it I've got a load of Indonesian teak to deliver as a rush-job over to the Sultan of Brunei which is only a few hours north. Time for a shower, a quick sleep, then we're off as soon as we load up and bribe the odd local official for departure clearance.

Robert Wolter Mongisidi was born in Malalayang on Febuary 14, 1925. After the Japanese surrender of at the end of WWII, Monginsidi became one of the resistance leaders against the returning Dutch occupation. Despite Dutch attempts to bribe him to end the resistance, he never accepted and was finally captured and sentenced to death in 1949

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