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Thursday, 3 February 2005
More Geek Tests

OK, I'm starting to get a real complex about Nerdiness now. After seeing my earlier post about cheating on the other Nerd-quiz Jules has sent me an Excel based one as if to sadistically confim my lowly social status...

-----Original Message-----
> For some reason I thought of Kymmo's Deanie when
> I got this email sheesh.. 

I only managed 73% Geek. Here's the list of questions I answered *no* to...

6. Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles? 8. Have you ever been a member of a chess club? 9. Are you a member of any fan clubs? 14. Have you ever won a spelling or maths competition? 18. Have you ever been to the cinema on your own? 19. Would you turn down a party invite if you were near the end of a good book? 25. Do you own a Slinky? 28. Have you ever considered trying out for Mensa? 29. Are you already a member of Mensa? 30. Do you wear a bum-bag when you are on holiday? 31. Do you wear a bum-bag at any other time?

Although, one of my friends was in Mensa so I guess I almost had to answer yes there :-) I'm particularly proud of answering *no* to number 19, how on earth could you turn down a party invite under any circumstances !!!

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