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Monday, 31 January 2005
Three years of Blogging

It was three years ago to the day that I kicked off my blogging effort joining the fray with a first post to my local NT machine at work using Userlands Radio blog tool. There's not a lot of fun reading for the first few months unless your a geek. Its mostly work related technical news and stuff on fiddling with Radio to make it work the way I wanted it to

The first non 'work related' post I made was in March of 2002 and titled "Missing Asteroids Champion To Receive Posthumous Award" followed by another thrilling link to the story on "Space Toilet Key To Conquering Final Frontier". But it was mostly work schmerk until I sorted out hosting of and began routing personal posts out to a seperate Radio category.

I haven't hacked the Radio engine as much as I thought I would (despite having Piquet to lean on for all the Frontier help a man could wish for) but I have stuck with the tool and happily forked out us$30 a year to keep the updates ticking over.

For the first year work payed for the license coz thats what I was using it for, Knowledge Logging I guess you'd call it. Then the Guvna saw the utility in it and bought a license for himself and the two of us sorted out a way for us both to publish to the same team website using seperate Radio instances.

The team use of the client-side Radio tool though soon turned out to be a little cumbersome, we were about to dump our Frontier server license so I ended up installing a server-side instance of MovableType which we all started using near the end of 2002. We're still cracking away on it to this day. For my personal blogging at home though I'm still using Radio 3 years later to publish to

I'm well aware of all the open source alternatives but there's just a few things about Radio that mean its a no-brainer to persist with. The aggregator has been bloody good (tho I've started using Bloglines) and the blog posting mechanism is all you really need. I still use the outliner on occasion and the XML backups Radio spits out are what I index and use as a search engine through a MySQL table.

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