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Tuesday, 11 January 2005
A license to print ... Anything!!

Despite my hopes that the weather would stop me making it to the dentists yesterday things actually seemed to have fined up nicely by the time I was due to get going. I left myself plenty of time to get across town, threw one mighty leg over the push-bike and off I went

As luck would have it I was about 3km into the journey when phase two of tropical storm Hamiltron came pounding down at me out of the suddenly darkened skies. Being uncharacteristically prepared I happened to have a jacket in my backpack so pulled over to fit it before getting back onto the slippery road. Despite the delay things were still looking OK for a reasonable arrival.

The Gods had other plans however. Just as I was passing Claudelands showgrounds I got that uncomfortable bike wobbling feeling that my rear tire was hurridly deflating. Sure enough I'd punctured and had to pull over lest I wrecked my flash rear rim. By now the rain had stopped so it was off with the wets and cycle shoes and into a comfortable walking attire. Another few minutes wasted and I was still a couple of km's short.

Even though I'm in an embarrasingly unfit state at the moment I figured that I could surely manage an easy jog for a distance of 2km to make up time. How wrong could I be !! I swear I only managed about 300m before I had to back off to a quick walk to catch my breath. Then I spotted a couple of young ladies approaching down the footpath so went back up to a slow trot for another few hundred metres before my lungs demanded I take another break.

Successfully avoiding a coronary I eventually made it to the surgery, weazed my way in the door and presented an excuse to an unsympathetic receptionist. I was promptly summonsed through to be given my usual critical oral hygeine review by my friendly dentist. He made his standard assault on my gums and nerve endings, took a couple of x-rays for good measure and put in a plug for the excessively priced electric toothbrush brand that he clearly is on commission for.

I was then quickly dispatched with orders to return for some more wallet-emptying torture in a weeks time. I made the journey to the dentists to improve my well-being, but for some reason I left the surgery feeling used and abused, guilt laden and somewhat dirtier. And to top it all off I got to pay for the privalege.

God I love Dentists!!!

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