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Monday, 24 January 2005
Rent, Boy no more

After a couple of decades of subsidising other peoples mortgages we're finally rent free, but now owe our first born child to the Bank

The move was not unreasonably painful, despite the three dudes who turned with the truck not being exactly athletic which meant we had to do our fair share of lifting, loading, unloading and climbimg endless flights of stairs.

Eveything was in the lorry in about an hour and I reckon we took about an hour and a half to lug everything up to base camp on the second landing. One of the removologists was overweight and clearly struggling in the midday heat. We actually had grave concerns about him and were desperately hoping he wouldn't expire before the shift was over.

Sunday was spent mostly shuffling boxes from one room to another. I was grunt-boy and was quite clearly under the direction of Uber-Gruppen-Frau Hassell who seemed to have some sort of plan in mind. All I was interested in was timing my escape to get out for a ride so I then had an excuse to have a beer when I got back. Had a hard case little gathering round here last night with DJ-Carlos ensuring our shift-working neighbours didnt oversleep.

And today has been a nice cruisy affair so far. Final placements of the last of the cardboard box contents and another blast on the bike down to Otorohonga, across to TA and Cambridge then back home via Peacocks Rd. Great weather for it. And time for another beer I reckon. Jeeze, I could get used to having Mondays off.

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