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Monday, 10 January 2005
What a Summer! (link)

My stomach finally launched my legs into action a few minutes ago and the three of us all headed off round the lake to the cafe in the Bongo that's just reopened after the xmas break. On the way over the air felt particularly heavy with the smell of imminent rainfall, and the menacing clouds above quickened my barefoot pace.

I bought a tray of spicy beef and cabbage on rice, grabbed a plastic fork from the chop-sitck tray and charged off outside just in time to be pelted by what appears to be a tropical-storm that's made its way a few thousand miles too far south and had nothing better to do than saturate Hamilton before it hit Antarctica.

So here I am sitting in my office eating lunch in a now wet T-Shirt listening to the roar of the rain on the iron roof of the ITS-block and flinching every time a too-close-for-comfort lightening bolt crackles down to earth somewhere in the neighbourhood.

There is one good thing about all this rain. I rode my push bike to work today so it gives me an excuse for missing the Dentists appointment I've got at the other end of town at 3:30 this arvo.

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