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Friday, 28 January 2005
Off her Christian Trolley

We had our usual Friday luncthime visit to the pub today which was as pleasant as such things usually are on the last day of the week. Even more so at the moment because the current weather pattern has dragged out the finest collection of short skirts and tops that a red (or even blue) blooded bloke could possibly wish for

We went to The Cook for a change today and whilst sipping the last of our pints on the back porch facing Steel park were approached by a young lass with a puzzled look on her face. She asked if anyone knew where Mystery Creek was and everyone promptly began in chorus to advise the poor thing of their reccomended best route.

Under our breath we quickly communicated the realisation that her and her bunch of friends were probably looking for the decidedly un-mysterious Mystery Creek because thats where the Christian music Parachute festival is being held this weekend, and I suggested she ask God for direction seeing as she wasnt going to get anything sensible from our table of wannabe navigators.

What struck me pretty quickly though was that judging by the glassy distant focus-less look in her eye, this girl was quite clearly off her friggin trolley, when she was meant to be on her way to an alcolol-free (let alone drug-free) christain festival. I guess Yahweh has given young christians some escape clause if using these new fandangled herbal pills coz they're not a controlled substance.

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