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Saturday, 1 January 2005
A Great New Years .... for some. (link)

We had an excellent night out in town with Liz and Chris on Friday followed by a few follow-ups at home to welcome in the new year. Loads of laughs, no hassles, and not too much to drink which made recovery on Saturday relatively painless, if mostly inactive and house bound.

We hardly even discussed, in fact I'm sure we didn't even touch on, the Tsunami disaster in southeasia Asia. As the days go on the scale of the disaster just seems to get depressingly worse and worse. I've travelled through Sumatra and Thailand and know what a great part of the world it is and what cool people they are. There's feck all we can do about these sorts of actions that mother-earth takes, and in a way some short-term good may come out of the international cooperation to help out with disaster relief.

Was probably a good thing it never came up on Friday night after all.

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