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Wednesday, 5 January 2005
Rocking in the New Year!! (link)

I was driving in Kym's car yesterday listening to our local Dance station when the DJ announced he was about to play a song titled 'Death to Rock' .. I kinda smirked at the title but didn't even consider reacting in defense of Rock despite having spent most of my youth listening to the genre'

Anyway, here I am at work on the 1st morning back after the break and I thought I'd select a random CD from the dusty stack leaning against my desk. Out of the heap I plucked as if by magic a copy of Deep Purple's 'Made in Japan'. In goes the CD, the track listing appears and the player begins to spool up as I reach for the volume knob on the amp.

Next thing the massive combined energy of Gillan's voice, Blackmore's guitar, Paice's pounding drums erupts from the B&W speakers in a raging fury in the form of Highway Star. I can't resist tweaking the volume up as far as I can without disturbing the rest of the office and settle into the glory that is live Purps in full glorious swing.

Thank god for Rock!!!

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