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Thursday, 13 January 2005
My poor old body

OK.. I admit it.. I'm getting old.

My pathetic attempt to run further than a few hundred metres on Tuesday preceded by the debilitating shoulder strain I suffered climbing a couple of weeks back, mixed in with lengthening and long suffering hang-overs any time I go out, has proven beyond doubt that high mileage is definitely starting to show on my poor old crate.

Yesterday at lunchtime Agent-748 suggested we go over to the nets on the Ruakura Rd side of the park for some cricket action. It was another hot clear-blue-sky day, 2nd in a row, and just walking over the other side of the campus was a good workout. I started thinking about driving round there next time we do it. After throwing the old arm over for an hour I felt pretty good, but today I'm definitely paying for it. Sore muscles all over. Thank god I've got the Lawyers appt this arvo to get out of climbing tonight :-)

Despite the apparent body impact though I'm slowly but surely building up on volume of physical activity. A couple of regular weekly pursuits, riding a human-powered cycle, along with a couple of days skating to work this week and I'm now starting to enjoy the suffering in a masochistic kinda way.

Maybe I'm not that old after all?

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