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Saturday, 8 January 2005
Asian Purple Haze

OK this Rock thing might be going a bit too far. This afternoon I found meself injesting Mekong whiskey and coke by the litre whilst retired to this little garden bar down the street playing all manner of the glorious audibles delight that Rock has to offer.

First up was the entirety of a live "Blue Oyster Cult" album I used to have a copy of at home. Next was some Def Leppard of all things, followed up by what sounded like the Cult. And now there's some suplime Jimi Hendrix gliding out of the speakers in the once glorious but now clapped out PA sitting in the corner of the bar.

I love the way there's always a bar like that somewhere in Thailand. Sure they love pop stuff as much as anyone, but there's always a place somewhere targetting the 30-40 something euro's who have a soft spot for some down to earth soul prodding head bobbing music from the 60's.

Jimi was staple music for us in our teens. Great to hear some wash through the system once in awhile. In fact I think I'm gonna start myself a Jimi-Hendrix covers band, I know I'm not black but I'm gonna sing ... all I need is a guitarist :-)

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